2015 – As I look back

December is my favourite time of the year…All the celebration, the christmas carols and the holidays..sigh! You can actually feel the happiness around…as the thought of a new year brings new hope, new goals and a fresh beginning! To quote a rather ‘matter of fact’ dialogue from Forrest Gump, “Don’t you just love New Year’s? You can start all over…Everybody gets a second chance’. 🙂 As we step into the new year and new adventures, the year gone by deserves a quick look back! So here are some of our special and memorable moments of the last year!

2015 has undoubtedly been a special year for reasons more than one. This year we travelled, wrote about travel, achieved important milestones and actually moved to a whole new country. While most of them were happy memories about celebration and merrymaking, there were a tad few moments of loss and sorrow too, but that’s for another time, this post is going to be about the ones that made us smile and helped us get through another beautiful year of our lives.

Europe trip

Our European holiday was like a dream. Amazing locations, perfect company and 10 days of endless walking through the beautiful streets of Paris, Nice, Monaco and Vienna. The winters did not deter us and we were out and about even on snowy days! Every holiday is a magical one, but this one just takes the cake so far!

Effiel tower

Bali and Scuba Diving

Getting a Scuba Diving certification was a bucket list item, getting it in Gili was just an added bonus! Overcoming my fears and doing something insanely adventurous was a personal accomplishment & Bali – Gili were heavenly thanks to the pristine beaches, the amazing people and the 7 star hospitality! I guess Gili is where we will eventually retire *fingers crossed*. 🙂


Turning 30

Well! We both touched 30 this year and while nothing seems to have changed it sure is a big deal right? This means we have known each other for about 9 years now, it means in the next 9 years we would be close to 40! Wow! feels like we are still in school with a little more money 🙂 So turning 30 was celebrated with some roadtrips and partying with friends…just like we like it 🙂


Varkala, Kerala

Our biggest and happiest discovery of 2015 was Varkala, probably that explains the 3 trips in one year! The first time was an impromptu girls trip in April and then I liked it so much that I made another trip with the husband and a few friends in May and the 3rd time with another bunch of friends in October! There is something very unique about this place. It’s a quaint little hippie town tucked away in a corner in Kerala and is not your regular holiday destinations in the state.Perched on a beautiful cliff overlooking the emerald green waters, its got a very Mediterranean feel and I loved it every single time I visited it 🙂


Moving to a new country

The biggest thing that happened to us this year was moving to a new country. The last quarter of the year has been about wrapping up everything in India, moving across continents and getting used to everything new. Last one month has been super exciting, crazy and adventurous in a completely new country.


Las Vegas – First holiday in the US

My first holiday in the US was to Las Vegas or Sin City as it is popularly called. 4 days of partying, gambling and going insane. I would like to write a blog about it but the memories and pictures are both blurry…:) While it was fun doing the Las Vegas’ey’ stuff, the highlight was the drive to the Death Valley. By the time we reached Dante’s Point – our viewing point, it was pitch black and the stars were like a million diamonds in the sky, the milky way looked like a spray paint of stars. Unfortunately none of the cameras we had could capture the beauty that this was, but that gives me another reason to go back! 🙂


Here’s wishing everyone a super new year! Party hard, stay safe and have an adventurous 2016!

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