Atlanta – Part 2 (On Wheels) A Photo Blog

This one has been long overdue now. My last post Atlanta – Part 1 (On foot) was a list of places I saw in Atlanta. This post is Part 2 of the same trip and is named ‘On Wheels’ as it is photo blog of the places/things I saw on a bicycle tour.

The bicycle tour of Atlanta by ‘Bicycle Tours of Atlanta’ is a highly recommended activity and has great ratings on TripAdvisor. So I decided to put my fitness to test and signed up for an almost 4 hour, 8 mile cycling tour. We were a group of six women (including our guide) joyfully freewheeling across some of the attractions of the city. We were cheered on, waved at and in some cases even honked at by impatient car drivers. All in the all, the experience was phenomenal and I tried to capture as much as I could with my iPhone, many times at the risk of falling off the cycle or drifting away from my group. 🙂

Here goes:


Starting off with the beautiful cherry blossom



Art made from trash found on the streets



Beautiful Murals on the walls of Cabaggetown



More Murals



…and more murals



Hello Atlanta!



This mural is supposed to be the reflection of a house across



Confederate Army cemetery at the Historic Oakland Cemetery



Mausoleam At the Oakland Cemetery



A swimming pool in the middle of the ruins of an old mill



Cycling away in the fancy Inman Park neighboorhood



A tiny door with rainbow colours in support of the Pro LGBT law



Artists shooting a music video or something. A common sight in Atlanta



Coca Cola everywhere



Dr. Martin Luther King Memorial



I have a dream…:)



And that’s me with the backdrop of the Atlanta Downtown skyline


Fun Fact – Atlanta has a lot of Graffiti and Mural artists. It is an unsaid understanding that the graffiti artists never draw over the murals because most mural artists once did graffiti. There are some neighbourhoods where the residents asked artists to draw murals on the walls so as to prevent any graffiti as it was costing them a lot of money keep painting the walls. Cabbagetown. Atlanta is one of them 🙂