Saddle Up – The right Backpack !! Aman Sandhu

I was next in line for my baggage check, it had been over an hour waiting patiently and watching humanoids jump lines, crawl under “Q” tapes with war cries louder than the Aztec… Continue reading

Of overcoats and mulled wine…Europe in the winters!

Europe has always been a popular summer destination…. The romantic picture of Paris painted by poets and writers, the pristine clear waters of the Mediterranean sea, the privilege of wearing anything you want and not be clad in layers and free flowing beer!

Scuba diving for the ‘not so adventurous’

There are times when we tend to surprise ourselves by doing things we’d never thought of in the wildest of dreams! For instance, completing a challenging project at work, falling in love, discovering a… Continue reading

Travel Must Packs!

Despite all attempts by my husband and me… I have NOT been able to master the art of travelling light. I like to have clothes for every day AND backups AND options AND… Continue reading

My visit to the US – June, 2014

When I started writing this blog, it was supposed to be about the places I visited last year. The US topped my list and I realized that a few lines or a paragraph… Continue reading

5 places I would love to go back to!

New York City NYC was always on my list of ‘must visit’. So this summer when I got to travel to the US on work, I made sure to squeeze in a weekend… Continue reading

Planning the European holiday – Part 1

I’ve always wanted to travel to Europe! The charm, beauty and history of the place is just too tempting to resist! So after years of planning, ogling at Instagram pictures of France, Italy,… Continue reading